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Are you unhappy with some of your dog's behaviors? Do you need help with -
* excessive barking 
* jumping 
* pulling on the leash
* aggression towards other dogs or people
* separation anxiety 
* housebreaking
* crate training
* nipping
* basic obedience
In addition, are you thinking about, or have you recently had a baby, and your "first child" is reacting to the change in ways that concern you? Or are you are considering rescuing a dog from your local shelter or rescue group? I can help you find the perfect dog for your family BEFORE you actually bring them home.
I will work with any dog, any age, and on any behavior. From the simplest to the most severe behavioral problems, my number one goal is to consistently deliver results that surpass my client's expectations. We will work together in the privacy of your home, and I will customize a plan that will address all of your dog training needs.




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