Behavioral Quiz



1.   My dog barks at everything inside and/or outside the house.                        


2.  My dog jumps on guests when they come in the door.

3.  My dog frequently demands my attention by barking, jumping,

     asking to play or be petted.

4.  My dog pulls on the leash.

5.  My dog runs out the door when it opens.

6.  My dog does not come when I call him.

7.  My dog barks or is upset when I leave him.

8.  My dog steals things and/or chews forbidden items.

9.  My dog toilets in the house.

10. My dog is nippy or mouthy.

11.  My dog is anxious around children.

12. My dog is aggressive toward other dogs.

14. My dog has bitten another dog.

15. My dog has bitten a person.




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