Training Techniques and Philosophy

   Over 14 Years of Training                        Experience

I specialize in private dog training and behavior modification for those who want a well mannered dog. I will show you how to create an environment where your dog will be transformed into a calmer, more relaxed member of your family. I am a balanced dog trainer. I DO NOT use shock, choke or prong collars. I also do not rely on clicker and treats. In addition, since you will start to see training results in a matter of minutes and hours, it is also not necessary to send your dog away to an expensive board and train program for weeks on end. In fact, many of my clients find me after having worked with other trainers who use these other methods, and they are astonished by how quickly their dog can learn new ways of behaving.

At K9U, my focus is completely on you, your dog, and your unique situation. My goal is to motivate your dog to learn, and to build confidence in both you and your dog by using humane, consistent, and safe training methods that are communicated in ways your dog can finally understand. Dogs, like people, are intelligent, unique individuals with specific needs, and learning styles. For this reason, I do not apply a "one size fits all" approach. I will customize a training plan specific to your needs, on your schedule, and I will provide you with all of the instruction you need in order to succeed. I will work with you in your home, around your neighborhood, at your place of work, in town centers such as Bethesda, King Farm, and Kentlands, or wherever your dog's behavior becomes an issue (geographic restrictions apply). Together we will build a relationship with your dog that is based on respect, trust , and love instead of bribing or harsh treatment.




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